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Can You Hear Me Now? Developing The Writer’s Voice

It is one of the highest compliments a writer can receive.  The most sought after characteristic.  The hallmark of a true storyteller. It sets pros apart from the rest.  It’s the writer’s voice.  The writer’s voice is a magic ingredient that makes your writing irresistible. And makes the Industry want to meet you, hire you, and […]

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It's time for a Screenwriting Retreat!

The Screenwriter’s Great Escape – Writing Retreats

Give yourself and your career the time and energy they deserve. Take a Screenwriting Retreat. Or escape to Screenwriter’s Sumer Camp and build essential skills and high-level industry relationships.

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S-e-x Tips for Screenwriters: Dear Dr. Paige Turner

A writer’s life is rife with uncertainty. Does the size of my screenplay matter? How much should I reveal in a logline? What really turns readers on? Dr. Paige Turner is here to deliver the answers you crave.

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Does Page Count Count?

Screenwriting Mythbusters Part Two

Does page count count? Yes and no. Learn what makes you look like a professional and when size doesn’t matter.

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Screenwriting MythBusters

Busting these screenwriting myths fills me with glee. I hope it saves you time that could be better spent coming up with great ideas or strengthening your script.

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Breaking In: Getting Your Foot In The Door

Foot In The Door

Getting Your Foot In the Door According to Wikipedia, Foot-In-The-Door isn’t just a moniker applied to pushy salesmen and census canvassers; it’s an actual behavioral phenomenon. “FITD technique is a compliance tactic that involves getting a person to agree to a large request by first setting them up by having that person agree to a modest request.” […]

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Slam Dunk

Secrets From the Other Side of the Desk

SECRETS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK As a producer, I’ve been in every pitch situation imaginable on both sides of the desk.  I’ve heard thousands of pitches from writers.  I’ve brought pitches into every studio, often with A-list writers, directors and stars attached.  From swank studio conference rooms to a cramped office inside […]

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Spinach or Kryptonite? Using your Screenwriting Superpowers!

Spinach or Kryptonite? Using your Screenwriting Superpowers! Are you a superhero or a mild mannered reporter?  Understanding your strengths as a screenwriter turns them into your superpowers.  Avoiding your personal Kryptonite and learning your Screenwriting Strengths means you can choose ideas and genres that showcase what you’re best at, and that’s pure Career Rocket Fuel.

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