My mission is enabling writers to create the best possible version of their stories.

I work with screenwriters and television writers, and on fiction and nonfiction, from first timers to Academy Award nominees.

Story is my passion. After two decades as a film executive and a producer, and as consultant, nothing that makes me happier than working creatively with writers. As a producer, my goal has always been enabling writers to get their stories heard by bringing them to the screen. Every story presents a new challenge and an exciting opportunity.

My goal is to connect with you creatively; to empower you, excite you, and motivate you to elevate your story to the next level.

Our work is an interactive and dynamic dialogue. We discuss your goals for your story and how you can achieve them. Together, we explore options, highlight your strengths, and discover solutions to story problems.

Shining Light On Story!


One time and multi-part consultation options ensure you truly elevate your work.

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Create concepts that ignite industry interest. Gain an inside understanding of the film business. Harness your passion. Showcase your strengths. Visit my YouTube Channel @BigIdeasVideos

Success stories

I am very proud of my many students and mentees who have gone on to successful careers in the industry.

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