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Mentorship – A Powerful Hand Up

Mentorship is essential to breaking into the industry, gaining a steep learning curve and ultimately having the opportunity to give back and give someone a hand up. Barri Evins shares the real life experiences that shaped her career.

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Help me! Networking no-nos.

How To Be (Not So) Great At Networking

I have been generous in letting Dr. Paige Turner hijack my blog. dig into her mailbag and answer writers’ questions with a suggestive nudge and a saucy wink, not to mention a bit of snark. But, I’ve been getting correspondence of late that begs for me to vent my frustrations and hopefully, shed some light […]

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For Sale By Writer - The Job Of All Loglines

The Logline Dilemma – Does Word Count Count?

Loglines seem deceptively simple. A single sentence, right? A sentence that must make people in the industry eager to read your script. If you’re trying to break in, the logline may be your most effective selling tool – indeed – it may be the only one available to you. But, strong, effective loglines are deceptively […]

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Drive Baby, Drive!

Wishin’ and Hopin’ Is Not Enough – Drive Baby, Drive

I’ve just finished a ScriptMag.com article on “drive” for my column, Breaking & Entering, comparing how automotive engines work to propela car forward, to what it really takes to successfully propel yourself toward a career in screenwriting. Operating on four-wheel drive means constantly creating material, building craft, generating ideas, and studying the marketplace while preparing […]

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The Hare and The Tortoise: Who Wins the Race In the Film Industry?

  In my ScriptMag.com article, “The Tortoise and The Hare: A Tale of Two Writers,” I told the story of two screenwriters, one behaving like The Tortoise in oft told proverb and the other more comparable to The Hare. But in this story, unlike the fable, The Hare seems poised to win the race. In […]

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How I Broke Into TV Writing – Kicking and Screaming!

TV writing is the place to be right now. Writers would do anything to break into TV writing which is attracting top talent. But MY story cannot be topped!

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Breaking In: Getting Your Foot In The Door

Foot In The Door

Getting Your Foot In the Door According to Wikipedia, Foot-In-The-Door isn’t just a moniker applied to pushy salesmen and census canvassers; it’s an actual behavioral phenomenon. “FITD technique is a compliance tactic that involves getting a person to agree to a large request by first setting them up by having that person agree to a modest request.” […]

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