Be In The Zen Of The Pitch

Pitch Pointer: Be In The Zen Of The Pitch

Pitching is nerve-wracking.

No arguments there.

But I some writers doom themselves to failure right from the start.

The fastest way to ensure a Pitch Fail is… to READ IT.

NO reading EVER!

It’s your story right?

So you should know it. And be able to look the person in the eye and tell them the story. That makes a huge difference in connecting with the listener.


When you look at the person you are pitching to you can read their reactions. You can tell when you’ve grabbed their interest, and when you’ve lost them.

This is an incredible source of info about what works and what doesn’t in your pitch – and in your story.

Barri Evins is a pitching guru
the original guru on pitching and hitting it out of the ballpark

As a producer bringing a writer in to pitch to a buyer, I would always sit where I could see the Most Important Person in the room – as there is often a junior exec present as well. And I would watch their reaction. I didn’t watch the writer. I wanted to see what resonated with the MIP. When did they lean forward, eyes lighting up, showing they were interested or intrigued? When did they look puzzled, indicating we had lost them? When did they lean back, and look disengaged. That’s where would gain the invaluable feedback for the writer as to what was working and what we needed to rework for the next pitch.

Yogi Berra, the famous ball player said, “You can’t think and hit the ball at the same time.”

You just can’t think and pitch at the same time! Not if you want to hit it out of the park.