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The Big Ideas Seminar takes screenwriters from “What to Write?” to “Ready to Write!” in a weekend.

As a working producer, I created Big Ideas to give aspiring screenwriters what it takes to achieve their dreams by teaching them the powerful techniques I use with highly paid professionals on big league projects.  Big Ideas is my method for getting screenwriters further faster.

Big Ideas is centered on the single most powerful thing in the film business – a great movie idea. I teach writers to create concepts that can ignite industry interest.  Then we combine harnessing your passions and your strengths with the realities of film as a business so you can put both to work for you and break in.

There are lots of ways to learn your craft. Big Ideas revolutionizes the way you create. I’ve developed powerful tools to help you target the right idea for you to write next and to crack your story quickly and effectively.  You will discover how to accomplish far more while spending less time rewriting, solving story problems on a single piece of paper, rather than endlessly ripping apart 120 pages. Big Ideas makes you confident in pitching your ideas.  I’ll transform pitching from a terrifying experience into an incredible idea-developing tool and a fast track for story development.  You will become fearless in the face of structure, turning it into your friend rather a befuddling foe.

More than just a seminar. Far from an impersonal lecture to hundreds of writers, Big Ideas in an intimate and interactive two-day and two-evening weekend intensive centered on your stories and your career.

Big Ideas means mentorship. Every seminar student receives my mentorship for six months.  Contact me with story ideas, receive feedback on work-in-progress and get answers about the business side of the industry through notes and one-on-one, working phone calls. It’s like having a producer in your corner, working to help your story reach its potential and reach the marketplace.

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Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
San Diego, CA
Toronto, Canada

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Big Ideas Seminar

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“Inspiring, instructive and worth every penny!

I have every assurance now that my tombstone

will not read, ‘She was still working on Act 2.’”

— Jennifer Massey, Richmond, VA


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