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What to Expect:

In-depth discussion providing constructive feedback and discovering answers that strengthen the story and your marketing materials. This isn’t coverage but a conversation about your goals for the story, as well as the project, and how to achieve them. This is like working closely with a producer on a project. We explore options and find solutions to problems. My goals are to bring out the best in your concept, maximize your strengths, enhance your story, and boost your project’s marketability.

I work with screenwriters and television writers, as well as on fiction and nonfiction projects.

Our work is collaborative, focused and practical. Expect honesty.

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The Doctor Will See You Now:

The Logline Booster Shot -Your logline is the single most important sentence you will ever write. It is your best tool for gaining industry attention and advancing your career. You’ve put a lot into your script, but your logline deserves the same care and attention. Invest in moving your project forward. An in-depth logline consultation, including an 20-minute phone consultation, a 10-minute follow up consultation on the rewrite, as well as a 5-minute polish consultation on the final version to hone your logline to perfection. This is the big boost you need to persuade pros to read your material. Or use as a powerful opportunity to focus and hone before you write or on works in progress for to test for essential character, arc and conflict. $45 
The Query Check Up – Submit your one-page Query Letter and meet with the Doctor for a thorough 30-minute exam. Have you conveyed the tone? Does your logline grab interest? Does your synopsis tantalize? Have you convinced us you’re a talented writer? The Prescription for a Query that gets results! $85 
The Query Cure  – A Query Check Up with an added a 15-minute Follow Up Appointment to examine changes, test for effectiveness, strengthen weak spots and ensure your query is ready for the pros. $120 
Pitch Doctor Consult – Submit a one-page Pitch and then set a 45-minute phone appointment packed with constructive feedback on your pitch and your story. Feedback on Pitches LIVE via Skype. Invaluable prep for PitchFests, Industry Meetings and Elevator Encounters! $100 
Pitch Doctor Combo – The Consult plus submit a revised version for a 30-minute Follow Up phone consultation or live via Skype Pitch for input on changes and polishing to help you hit a home run! $145
Story Doctor Consultation – Submit your screenplay and receive an in-depth, up to Two Hours Phone Consultation focused on constructive feedback, going over my notes and working with you to come to answers that strengthen the story. This isn’t coverage, but an in-depth conversation about your goals for the story, as well as with the project and how to achieve them. We’ll discuss not only what’s working, but what needs work, why, and how to fix it. This experience replicates working closely with a dedicated producer on a project. My goal is making your story strong and marketable. It’s interactive, focused, and practical. Expect honesty. $445 
The Script Prescription: Diagnosis, Treatment and Care – Benefit from a three-step development process to prepare your script for industry eyes. Receive a full, hour and a half Story Doctor’s Consultation on your screenplay, plus two Follow Up Appointments on this script to keep you on track. After our initial consultation you will have the opportunity to implement the notes, submit a revised draft and then have a second, hour-long Consultation to examine how new choices are working and what still needs attention. When your next revision is ready, we will have a third call, a 45-minute Check Up to hone and polish. It’s like having your own Professional Mentor to ensure your project is strong and healthy. Additional sessions are available at a discounted hourly rate. $745 
Concierge Service Doctor On Call – When the prescription calls for a Specialist, you want the personalized service of a Professional Mentor. Five hours plus one free script read. Scripts, loglines, queries, pitches, outlines, and concept development all available to meet your every need. Build screenwriting skills with complimentary tools, customized handouts, readings and exercises designed to strengthen your writing$895

Unique Screenwriting Tool Now Available!

Big Ideas Electronic Structure Template and Bonus Structure Fundamentals Handout – Previously available exclusively to Big Ideas Seminar students, now you can purchase the Big Ideas Structure Template. This Word document enables you to both quickly grasp the heart of your story – from character arc to theme – and discover a strong structure with the ease of filing in the blanks and cutting and pasting. Included as a bonus is the Big Ideas Structure Fundamentals Handout, that elaborates on each major plot point and clarifies the concepts to ensure you understand their meaning and how they work within the structure framework. You will receive the Template and the Handout via email – within 24 to 48 hours – to ensure you have the most current version. $7.50

Story Consultations

Please contact us for info on how to pay via Zelle, Venmo or personal check. We’re very happy to accept these! Just ask:  info<@>

NOTE: Once you have purchased a consultation, email us at barri <at> with the medium, title and genre of your project. Within 1 to 2 business days, you will receive a custom Letter of Engagement outlining how we will work together. Read, sign and return with your material, and our work together can begin.

Consultation Extras:

Script Consultations Additional Pages – Scripts over 125 pages will be charged at the rate of $3 per page. $3
Additional Time on Consultations – Should you want a longer Consultation, or should your call run over by more than 15 minutes of the scheduled time, additional hours on the Consultation will be billed at the discounted rate of $150 per hour, in 15 minute increments. $37.50

While we make every effort to respond to each client promptly, rush services are available:

Rush Charge on Pitch or Query Consultation Less Than Three Business Days – Rush turnaround is available to meet your needs. $25
Rush Charge on Script Consultation Less Than Five Business Days  – Rush turnaround is available to meet your needs. $5


Consultation Extras

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Jeffrey Wright
Worked with Barri
on three scripts.

What clients are saying:

 “Thanks for your time, honesty and quality feedback! After speaking with you, not only did I realize how much sooner I should have come to you, but how much better my story will be once I’ve implemented the suggestions you made. Your insight is amazing and the work you do to help writers realize their vision is unparalleled. Thank you for your tireless effort in making better writers and in turn, better stories! Please never stop. You rock!”

Jeffrey Wright, Los Angeles, CA
Andy Stewart, Los Angeles, CA
“I am confident I can succeed with Barri Evins in my corner.”

“With her expertise in working with me develop a professional query letter, Barri helped me get my feature script in the hands of production companies, management companies, and even, yes, a major motion picture studio just mere months after graduating film school. In a very tough business to succeed, Barri’s coaching really helps even the odds.

Andy Stewart, Los Angeles, CA

Leigh Fricili, Houston, TX
Script Prescription Client
Liz Fricili
Script Prescription Client

“Thank you for your time, insight, creativity, and amazing way of explaining the world of movie story telling in our Script Consultation. We’re lucky to have you on this new adventure! Our script is so much better because of your extraordinary way to clarify things and send us back to the drawing board brimming with BIG ideas.”

Writing Team Leigh & Liz Fricili, Houston, TX

Custom Services Client Developed and structured a new idea with Big Ideas tools.
Custom Services Client Developed and structured a new idea with Big Ideas tools.

“The only part of screenwriting I’ve always dreaded is the outline…until now.  I’ve tried outlining systems from virtually every screenwriting guru out there, but none of them helped me to see the entire movie from FADE IN to FADE OUT, including character arcs and theme, like Barri’s One-Pager.  I’ve never been so excited to work on new ideas.  Her template is super easy to use and practically guarantees your concept will develop into an amazing screenplay.  And best of all it’s going to save me from months of rewriting on every new script.”

Michael Mahoney, Mashpee, MA