What Students Are Saying

“The Big Ideas Seminar helped make better use of my time as a writer, by not only acting as a lens to help focus on what I write, but, as an unexpectedsurprise, also gave me insight as to why I write, and that has made all the difference.  I took time off work, flew across the country, rented a car and lodging and felt it was well worth it.
  Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity.”
Randall Greenland, Columbus,OH



“As a mentor, Barri has been incredibly responsive to every question.  She listens intently to the story that I, the writer, am trying to tell and then suggests what needs to happen next in the process to make it film worthy.  I’m excited at how quickly my concept is turning into a real spec script under her guidance!”
Heather Lou Morgan, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA



“The seminar did exactly what I hoped it would- reinvigorated me creatively and reminded me that I can do this if I keep at it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I look forward to continuing to learn and discover with you as my mentor.”
Rachel Slansky, San Francisco, CA



“Thanks again for a super productive seminar.  I think I’ve made some good progress on my story, and will love getting your feedback as my mentor.  Your awesome idea generating exercise was right up my alley.  I truly appreciate your encouragement.”
Eric Pearson, Berkeley, CA



“You are a force of nature!  It was just the best, so inspiring, so deep, so down to earth, so practical – all at once!  You’re amazing.”
Erin Donovan, Santa Monica, CA


“Barri really knows her stuff. And on top of it all, unlike many in the industry, is great at sharing her insights and  motivating screenwriters  and producers to come up with high-concept films that can be pitched to studios. She also takes a personal interest in each person and has great ideas on how to take their concepts to the next level.  Everyone should experience Barri and her approach to developing and pitching BIG IDEAS!”
Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, Los Angeles, CA


“I truly needed to hear your guidelines for evaluating ideas. Now I’m putting my energy into an idea that can take me the farthest fastest.”
Kate Wharton, Seattle, WA


 “Put Barri Evins’ Big Ideas Seminar at the top of your ‘Must Attend’ list. For me, working with Barri was like coming out of the writing desert and into an oasis of story ideas and screenwriting skills.  Barri’s mentorship has help me develop my own “passion project,” guiding me every step of the way!  She is always generous with her time and suggestions.”
Eric Carlson, Williamsburg, VA



“I think you are a genius with your technique! This approach is completely fresh and unique. What a special gift to work in a small group with you.”
Monica Partridge, Pasadena, CA


“Inspiring, instructive and worth every penny! I have every assurance now that my tombstone will NOT read, “She was still working on Act II.’”
Jennifer Massey, Richmond VA


“Your one-of-a-kind tools and exercises were extraordinary and helpful in the extreme.
Just golden stuff!
John Arends, Chicago, IL


“After working with Barri, I have a solid roadmap for my next draft, plus several new techniques for my ‘writer’s toolbox’ that I can use on future projects.”
Blake McCallister, NY, NY


“I just sold a script – my first sale! – and wanted to thank you as you directly influenced how I approached my writing.”
David Hillhouse, Toronto, Canada



“Your technique helped me to discover my underlying motive and theme in my stories. When it comes to teaching the art of screenwriting, no one else brings this to the table.”

Peter Coleman, Monroe, VA


“Barri is amazing. Her ability to shape and refine a pitch with a writer is nothing short of magical. She has the ability to take a story idea and spin it 360-degrees to get to the heart and find the hook that will get producers to sit up and take notice. I’d recommend Barri to any writer serious about their career, to help them find their voice.”
Jon James Miler, Oakland, CA


“Barri’s seminar will not only rocket your writing to the next level, it will forever alter how you look at and develop new ideas. I am continually amazed at what I came away with in one weekend.”
Noreen Cashman, Wilmette, IL


“Barri is an incredible mentor who guides you from a real understanding of how Hollywood works.  Barri teaches you methods for achieving your dreams.”
Jordan Grader, San Francisco
“Barri’s classes are not only informative, they’re also a ton of fun.  Two of my best ideas came out of my sessions with Barri.”
Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, San Pablo, CA


“It is hard to express how much over the top you delivered on your latest Big Ideas workshop. Your no B.S. insight into what works in the business was really incredible.  At less then the cost of a plane ticket you take your students on a journey through understanding the business and what makes a real sellable script.  Big Ideas was an invaluable crash course in what makes a good script that took me from ground zero in my understanding to a place of confidence .”
Doug Kohl, Twain Harte, CA


“I am so grateful to my studio for bringing Barri in.  Working with an industry pro who can immediately cut to the heart of story problems and leapfrog your screenplay forward is an experience most writers only dream about.  She treated each pitch, no matter how inexperienced, like it was the most important story she ever heard.  In just minutes, Barri helped me find the heart of my story and address creative problems.  She saved me weeks of effort and moved my project to a new level.”

Anna Newman, Menlo Park, CA


“I’m totally energized to move forward. If you’re really committed to being a screenwriter, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take this seminar. It’s given me a leap forward both analytically and creatively, establishing a strong foundation with tools and skills needed to focus my idea.”
Tom Loveman, Cleveland, OH