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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: What to say when people ask if I’m a “real writer”?

Dear Doctor T., The absolute worst part of the holidays wasn’t the travel travails, shopping stress, or even the heated family political arguments. It was the incessant questions from so called well-meaning family and friends: You still doing that writing thing? So when are we going to see your name on the big screen? You’re […]

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How To Be (Not So) Great At Networking

I have been generous in letting Dr. Paige Turner hijack my blog. dig into her mailbag and answer writers’ questions with a suggestive nudge and a saucy wink, not to mention a bit of snark. But, I’ve been getting correspondence of late that begs for me to vent my frustrations and hopefully, shed some light […]

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How I Broke Into TV Writing – Kicking and Screaming!

TV writing is the place to be right now. Writers would do anything to break into TV writing which is attracting top talent. But MY story cannot be topped!

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