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How To Write A Screenplay: Can You Be A Self-Taught Screenwriter?

Autodidactic is a fancy word for someone who is self-taught. Many aspiring screenwriters believe that they can be self-taught and acquire all the skills that they need to master how to write a screenplay. In my experience, and based on what I am hearing from my consulting clients in our mentorship sessions, despite the work […]

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S-E-X Tips For Screenwriters: The Happy Ending

Dear Paige, I’m hoping for your advice. I’ve gotten my script into the hands of readers, and the feedback I’m getting is that they don’t like the ending. I don’t want to cave to peer pressure and the relentless push toward commercialized crap by grafting on a traditional, clichéd happy ending to my romantic comedy. […]

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The Hare and The Tortoise: Who Wins the Race In the Film Industry?

  In my ScriptMag.com article, “The Tortoise and The Hare: A Tale of Two Writers,” I told the story of two screenwriters, one behaving like The Tortoise in oft told proverb and the other more comparable to The Hare. But in this story, unlike the fable, The Hare seems poised to win the race. In […]

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S-e-x Tips for Screenwriters: Dear Dr. Paige Turner

A writer’s life is rife with uncertainty. Does the size of my screenplay matter? How much should I reveal in a logline? What really turns readers on? Dr. Paige Turner is here to deliver the answers you crave.

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Your cover page speaks volumes.

Your Cover Page Speaks VOLUMES!

You cover page is more telling than you think. You can convince us you are an inexperienced screenwriter before we even open your script.

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Does Page Count Count?

Screenwriting Mythbusters Part Two

Does page count count? Yes and no. Learn what makes you look like a professional and when size doesn’t matter.

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