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S-E-X Tips 4 Screenwriters: Staring At A Blank Page? Symptoms Of Resistance Syndrome

Now here’s a sticky question from my readers that I think Dr. Paige Turner would be more qualified to deal with than I am. “Paging Dr. Turner, Dr. Paige Turner to the ER.”   Dear Paige, This is hard for me to talk about, I hesitate to bring it up, but I know you will […]

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Dear Dr. Paige Turner: Pitch Meetings Part 2 – A Disaster Story

You may think you learned all you need to know about how to take a pitch meeting in Paige’s last  column. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Here’s Part Two of her reply to “The Beav” about movie pitch meetings – the fantasy and the reality. Over to you Paige. B.E.   Dearest Eager, […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters – How To Get In Bed With An Agent

Now here’s a question from a writer that I feel is best suited to my esteemed and ever so blunt colleague, Dr. Paige Turner. Shoot from the hip Paige. B.E.   Dear Dr. T., There’s only one thing in the world that I want, need, dream of night and day. One thing that will make […]

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Dear Dr. Paige Turner, I have this pitch meeting fantasy…

Time to address a little correspondence from that overflowing email in box of mine. You need answers. You deserve good ones. I’m handing over today’s Q & A to the scintillating and smart Dr. Paige Turner. I have every confidence she will deliver. H-e-e-e-e-r-e’s Paige! B.E.   Dear Doc Turner, Long time reader; first time […]

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The Hare and The Tortoise: Who Wins the Race In the Film Industry?

  In my ScriptMag.com article, “The Tortoise and The Hare: A Tale of Two Writers,” I told the story of two screenwriters, one behaving like The Tortoise in oft told proverb and the other more comparable to The Hare. But in this story, unlike the fable, The Hare seems poised to win the race. In […]

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How I Broke Into TV Writing – Kicking and Screaming!

TV writing is the place to be right now. Writers would do anything to break into TV writing which is attracting top talent. But MY story cannot be topped!

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The Screenwriter’s Great Escape – Writing Retreats

Give yourself and your career the time and energy they deserve. Take a Screenwriting Retreat. Or escape to Screenwriter’s Sumer Camp and build essential skills and high-level industry relationships.

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Glenn Gers

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off My friend, the talented screenwriter and director Glenn Gers, whose work includes Fracture and Mad Money has my all time favorite “Little Engine That Could” story. Glenn wrote his first script in 1984. First scripts never go anywhere, right? Glenn’s got him an agent right off the bat. “People liked it. No […]

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S-e-x Tips for Screenwriters: Dear Dr. Paige Turner

A writer’s life is rife with uncertainty. Does the size of my screenplay matter? How much should I reveal in a logline? What really turns readers on? Dr. Paige Turner is here to deliver the answers you crave.

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Your Cover Page Speaks VOLUMES!

You cover page is more telling than you think. You can convince us you are an inexperienced screenwriter before we even open your script.

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script stack FINAL smaller

Screenwriting Mythbusters Part Two

Does page count count? Yes and no. Learn what makes you look like a professional and when size doesn’t matter.

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Screenwriting MythBusters

Busting these screenwriting myths fills me with glee. I hope it saves you time that could be better spent coming up with great ideas or strengthening your script.

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Leg in door.

Foot In The Door

Getting Your Foot In the Door According to Wikipedia, Foot-In-The-Door isn’t just a moniker applied to pushy salesmen and census canvassers; it’s an actual behavioral phenomenon. “FITD technique is a compliance tactic that involves getting a person to agree to a large request by first setting them up by having that person agree to a modest request.” […]

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Coin Toss

Eenny, Meeny, Miney, Mo…

Eenny, Meeny, Miney, Mo… How do you decide what to write next? It’s the single most important decision you will ever make as a writer. Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall building in a single bound, a great idea is the most powerful thing in the film business.  A terrific idea can […]

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DO basketball hoop croped tighter

Secrets From the Other Side of the Desk

SECRETS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK As a producer, I’ve been in every pitch situation imaginable on both sides of the desk.  I’ve heard thousands of pitches from writers.  I’ve brought pitches into every studio, often with A-list writers, directors and stars attached.  From swank studio conference rooms to a cramped office inside […]

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Damn, I wish I’d thought of that!

Damn, I wish I’d thought of that! In industry meetings, we’re constantly asking writers, “What’s Next?” eager to hear about their next project, hoping it’s a terrific idea. Screenwriting is about decision-making – thousands upon thousands of decisions.  But the single most important decision you will ever make as a writer is what to write […]

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THE PITCH DOCTOR is IN:  SAY “Ahh-HA!” What to write next is the single most important decision a writer will ever make.  People pay me BIG bucks to get my Pitch Doctor services.  But with my PITCH ME FOR FREE button you can get a thumbs up or a thumbs down from a pro BEFORE you […]

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Spinach or Kryptonite? Using your Screenwriting Superpowers!

Spinach or Kryptonite? Using your Screenwriting Superpowers! Are you a superhero or a mild mannered reporter?  Understanding your strengths as a screenwriter turns them into your superpowers.  Avoiding your personal Kryptonite and learning your Screenwriting Strengths means you can choose ideas and genres that showcase what you’re best at, and that’s pure Career Rocket Fuel.

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PITCH POINTER #1 BE IN THE ZEN OF THE PITCH Know your story – NO reading EVER. It’s your story right? You need to look at the person you are pitching to so you can read their reactions and know when you’ve got their interest and when you’ve lost them. This is an incredible source […]

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