Confessions Of A Screenwriting FanGrrl

I have publicly admitted that I am a storyaholic. Actually, I have proclaimed it proudly. What I have not been as forthcoming about is that I don’t just adore great storytelling. I fall in love with great writers. Literally. I relish those times when I have read a truly great screenplay. One that was: Delightful, […]

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How To Write A Screenplay: Can You Be A Self-Taught Screenwriter?

Autodidactic is a fancy word for someone who is self-taught. Many aspiring screenwriters believe that they can be self-taught and acquire all the skills that they need to master how to write a screenplay. In my experience, and based on what I am hearing from my consulting clients in our mentorship sessions, despite the work […]

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S-E-X TIPS For Screenwriters: Conflicting Notes – Which Way From Here?

Dear Paige, I’m ready to tear my hair out! I put in a ton of work into the latest draft of my script before sending it out to get feedback from fellow writers and from contest readers. The notes were completely in conflict with each other. What one person loved, another person hated. One person […]

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Personal Thematic: Creating Stories That Move Us

Storytellers are artists and, as such, each of you has a unique point of view on the world, shaped by your experiences and your beliefs. You have something to say; something audiences need to hear. Find the message that you as a writer are most moved by, that speaks to you on a deep level, that […]

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Creating The Foundation For Strong Stories

Recently I tried an experiment. For years, I have given my Big Ideas Screenwriting Intensive students a unique tool that they could use to develop their ideas during their months of mentorship with me following the seminar. Early in my teaching career, I realized that I had to find an effective way to help writers build […]

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S-E-X Tips For Screenwriters: Creating The Outstanding Query Letter

Dear Dr. Paige Turner, With several completed pieces of material polished and ready to go out into the world, suddenly I’m faced with a terrifying new writing challenge – the query letter. While I’ve worked to master my craft, this bizarre half man-half beast hybrid of letter writing/sales pitch/self-promotion leaves me baffled, and, to be […]

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Five Brain Tricks That Will Make You A Happier Writer

What do writers want? Not in the big picture – standing onstage thanking a bunch of folks for an Oscar win – but in the day-to-day struggle that is writing. I think it is to be in The Flow – that illusive sweet spot where words, sentences, and thoughts pour almost effortlessly from your brain […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: What to say when people ask if I’m a “real writer”?

Dear Doctor T., The absolute worst part of the holidays wasn’t the travel travails, shopping stress, or even the heated family political arguments. It was the incessant questions from so called well-meaning family and friends: You still doing that writing thing? So when are we going to see your name on the big screen? You’re […]

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How To Be (Not So) Great At Networking

I have been generous in letting Dr. Paige Turner hijack my blog. dig into her mailbag and answer writers’ questions with a suggestive nudge and a saucy wink, not to mention a bit of snark. But, I’ve been getting correspondence of late that begs for me to vent my frustrations and hopefully, shed some light […]

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Negotiations: It’s Nice To Be Important, But It’s Important Not To Be A Jerk

Dear Paige, Woman-to-woman, do you think women always get the shaft in negotiations? I’ve read about top tier actresses getting paid far less than their male co-stars and even less than male supporting actors. I want to stand up for myself and get the best deal possible, but aren’t women who do this labeled “bitches”? […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: Reading for Friends and Strangers “Just Say No!”

Dear Paige, I‘m a giving kind of guy, so I’m always open to reading the work of other writers. I’ve put a lot into building my skills as a writer. I think this is a great way to build relationships. But Paige, some of these scripts… umm, stink. Despite this, I’ll kill myself on creating […]

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The Idea File — Exercising The “Is this a good idea for a movie” Muscle

Every writer should have an Idea File – preferably a whole bunch of them, a little notebook you carry around, a file on your computer, a file folder, your iPhone, a shoebox. Anything and everything that works for you. My first junior development executive job was working for writer-producers Bruce Evans and Ray Gideon. They […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: Avoiding Logline Wipeouts

Dear Doc Turner, I give up. I can’t do it. I consider myself a writer, but putting together a logline has been more frustrating than writing an entire screenplay. How can a single sentence be so hard to write? I read up on loglines online and followed all the advice I could get. I’ve tried […]

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The Logline Dilemma – Does Word Count Count?

Loglines seem deceptively simple. A single sentence, right? A sentence that must make people in the industry eager to read your script. If you’re trying to break in, the logline may be your most effective selling tool – indeed – it may be the only one available to you. But, strong, effective loglines are deceptively […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: The Free Rewrite

Dear Paige, I couldn’t be more excited! I’m finally working with a real, Hollywood professional! At first, they told me they LOVED my script. What a rush! But now they want me to make all these changes. For free. I thought that once I was a real, working writer, I’d be getting paid to write. […]

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Wishin’ and Hopin’ Is Not Enough – Drive Baby, Drive

I’ve just finished a article on “drive” for my column, Breaking & Entering, comparing how automotive engines work to propela car forward, to what it really takes to successfully propel yourself toward a career in screenwriting. Operating on four-wheel drive means constantly creating material, building craft, generating ideas, and studying the marketplace while preparing […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: Are You Writing With Beer Goggles On?

Paige, please settle this debate once and for all. I’ve had it with all the back and forth. Is it really necessary to outline a script before you begin? I adore the thrill of the moment. Creating little details is so pleasurable. It’s the tiny touches that are arousing. Letting the story take me where […]

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S-E-X Tips For Screenwriters: The Happy Ending

Dear Paige, I’m hoping for your advice. I’ve gotten my script into the hands of readers, and the feedback I’m getting is that they don’t like the ending. I don’t want to cave to peer pressure and the relentless push toward commercialized crap by grafting on a traditional, clichéd happy ending to my romantic comedy. […]

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S-E-X Tips For Screenwriters: Ticking Off Your Reader?

Paige pops by to present Pet Peeves readers proclaim particularly pesky.   Dear Doctor T, I’ve got a good script. I’ve been entering it in contests and getting nowhere. No wins, no placing, not even a “show” to show for it. I’ve shelled out big bucks for coverage and gotten a bunch of picky notes. […]

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S-E-X Tips for Screenwriters: Rewriting – When Is Enough Enough?

Dear Doctor Paige, I feel I can turn to you for help with my problem. Everything was perfect until I started rewriting. You see, my script and I have been together for a while now. A long while. At first, the mere thought of the concept thrilled me. It was intoxicating to run my eyes […]

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